16 days

sixteen days ago i moved to new york city.

in my sixteen days, i’ve gotten lost on the subway once, i’ve missed my train once, i’ve been asked for directions twice, i’ve gone grocery shopping downtown 70 blocks once, i’ve taken an uber to target in the bronx twice, had three job interviews, started two jobs, been to one ballet class, spent approximately 6 hours on playbill.com, seen three shows, eaten oysters and cookie dough in the same night, and cried approximately sixteen times.

i get it now.

it should also be noted that not only am i figuring out the city, i’m also figuring out how to live as an adult — graduating from college is much more traumatic than anyone will ever tell you.

i cry because of sadness very little. sure, i miss my family and my home and my boyfriend and familiarity. but i cry because i am tired. i cry because i care.

isn’t it amazing to have a whole life that you get to carve? the sculpture of your days is a creation all your own.

i want my sculpture to be amazing. i want it to be detailed. i want it to be intricate.

so here’s to many more 70 block grocery treks. here’s to more dance class, more hours on playbill, more working, more metro card swipes, more shows, more adventures, and more crying.


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