a letter –

to my pre-college self: You are embarking on an amazing journey — by the end, your knees will throb and your ankles will ache from the four- year hike, but your legs will know how to keep you moving even when you think you might crumble. Everything you are ashamed of will become what you… Continue reading a letter –


dance class

buzzwords: learners permit grocery shopping proctor summer project online p.e.   they laugh without worry — dinner will be on the table when they get home.   their eyes glimmer easily — their leotards will be washed for next class.   they embrace passionately — they’ll see each other at school tomorrow.   the marley… Continue reading dance class

The Diary of a Healing Twenty-Something

I have spent all of my life convincing myself that things will be okay. Making things okay. In my earliest formative years, I learned that it was most certainly not allowed to cry. It was certainly not allowed to raise your voice or interrupt adult time. Running in the house was certainly not allowed. Seven… Continue reading The Diary of a Healing Twenty-Something